Postcard From Italy

In today's postcard(s) we remain in the Vatican (The smallest country in the world), but head outside the basilica and into St. Peter’s square. As one stands there, the colonnades, or "arms" that Michelangelo designed, embrace you. Sitting atop those arms are statues of well over 120 saints. Whether you are religious or not, the environment is impressive to say the least.

Here’s some close-ups of a few that I shot with a 300mm lens on my good old Canon Rebel.

Seeing these on television and in other photos, I had thought they were highly polished sculptures, like the David or Pieta. It wasn't until I was actually there, looking at these through my zoom lens, that I realized how weathered and unrefined they seem. Look at the blocky hands for instance. At first I was surprised and a bit disappointed at seeing that - but between remembering how old they are, the fact that they live outdoors and the enjoyment of just being there, I quickly got over it!

If you look closely, they seem to be wired. I figured that's either to light them, or to keep birds off them. I don't really know.

Visit saintpetersbasilica.org to see who is depicted in each and every statue, along with the artist and date of completion. Awesome!!


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