Postcard From Italy - Pictures of Police

Today’s postcard shows 3 versions of a shot I took of some Vatican police keeping the crowd in check during a weekly Papal appearance. Here is the original, unprocessed JPG:

I tend to underexpose in really bright sunlight as you can see! Took this with a 300mm lens on my old Canon Rebel, over the heads of hundreds of other people.

Even though the file was a JPG, I went through the same processing steps I usually do - using Adobe Camera Raw first, then finishing up in Photoshop. Since  I wanted the faces of the guys to get all the attention, I desaturated everything else to a certain extent. Giving me this image:

I recently downloaded the free version of Perfect Effects 4 from OnOne Software which allowed me to sharpen and “grunge” the image to new heights, as well as put the border effect on the shot, giving me this image:

Didn’t go too far with these effects - I like having very subtle color in the image, and thanks to the continued popularity of instagram, the sharp grungy look is very in style which helps give an innocent snap shot an air of mystery or drama.

Which version is better? No correct answer. Whichever one you like best (or dislike least as the case may be).

Tell you one thing for certain, Perfect Effects from OnOne Software ROCKS. I bought the full-blown version after doing this with the free version. Can’t wait to share more images after playing with the over 300 plus other filters they offer.

Click HERE to go to the OnOne site.


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