An Exhibit For Whites Only

Settle down people, it’s not what you think! I’m talking albums here - as in the Beatles “White” album.

“The Beatles” LP from 1968, better known as the “White” album.

I’m a huge Beatles fan and while reading my favorite blog about them the other day, I came across one of the most unique “exhibits” I’ve ever seen. There is a guy who collects first editions of the White album, no matter what condition they are in. He’s got loads of them and they’ve been on display for a couple months now at Recess Gallery in New York city.

 A shot from the NYT article on the exhibit.

What is interesting is a lot of the copies have the previous owners marks on them. Marks like scribble, love notes, artwork etc... making an already iconic album more unique because there is such a personal story attached to each one.

The White album is amazing and it is this guys passion. Here are two interesting articles I suggest you read about the exhibit:

The New York Times


Click Here for that Beatles blog I mentioned.

Doesn’t matter whether or not you like the Beatles (but how could you not?), it’s all in the name of art!!

Settle down people.

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