Cherry Design Job

I had planned to follow up on my previous post by writing about the joys of looking at old vinyl album cover art and sharing some links that show some of the more classic, illustrated covers.

That got put on hold however when I got tapped for a fun little project, the design of a brochure for a local artist group I’m with here in the sunny southern hills of Pensylvania - the Upper St. Clair League for the Arts.

As of this writing it’s going through rounds of minor revisions by fellow members of the group who can spell properly, but we’re planning on having it done for our annual juried group exhibit in late April. Anyway, below is a little teaser of what it will look like:

Brochure cover and partially open inside spread.

No, I didn’t use my own painting on the cover. That’s the work of one of the best oil painters in our group, Diane White. Click Here to check out her website.

I’ll post the rest the brochure upon completion, and post more Art League-related links as well!

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