The Renaissance Retouch

Recently my wife and I attended the Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival. A rip-roaring good time filled with costumed performers, jousting, games, food and alcohol.

There’s also a photo contest. Having never been to one of these before I opted not to take my DSLR. Instead I used my little Canon G10, which is nice, but I couldn’t really get the “stop-action” type shots that are really sweet.

So below are my submissions. In both cases, the top picture is my RAW, unretouched image right out of the camera, and the bottom one is the final retouched shot submitted for the contest.

RAW shot right out of the camera

“Renaissance Man”

I shot RAW files as opposed to JPGs. Then I processed and retouched in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS6, with some work in Perfect Effects 4 from OnOne Software (which is a really sweet product).

RAW shot right out of the camera


The most annoying thing about shooting in a setting like this is that you can't avoid capturing the other patrons who are milling about in the background.

Note to self - Next year bring the DSLR and zoom lens to crop right up tight in there.

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