Chess Pieces - Finished Painting

Here is the finished still life:

 "Chess Pieces, Number 1"  8x10 inches, oil on canvas

This piece will be included in my new solo exhibit coming up in March.

After finishing this piece, for the first time ever, I went through the simple “oiling out” process.

What that entails is gently rubbing artist medium (Winsor Newton artist medium) all over the dry painting. What this does is bring an overall, even “sheen” to the piece. Without this step some areas are left a bit glossy while others have a matte finish when the painting is dry. Varnishing the painting in that state most often makes that problem worse.

Previously I would mix my own semi-gloss varnish using Winsor Newton varnish. But oiling out before varnishing is much better. Now I have the option to varnish the painting if I want, or just leave it as is.

For a video from Winsor Newton on how to properly oil out, click here.

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