Digital Painting - The Roar

Exhibiting my Beatles and Gettysburg compositions recently has helped fire my interest in digital creations. Traditional oil painting is my passion, but if the opportunity presents itself to create a piece digitally (either partially or entirely) I will embrace it.

"Gettysburg Tribute" (detail) now for sale on my Fine Art America site

The opportunity to create a new digital painting came recently by way of an art competition for a local commercial business complex. The "theme" or subject of the painting had to be ”the Galleria Mall".  Pretty boring subject, yet loads of possibilities if your creative enough.

Since I wasn't interested in putting in the time and effort into an oil painting of a subject I could not care less about, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to shoot some photos and turn them into a "digital painting" - a term I used to loathe, but have since grudgingly accepted.

The subject I decided on was the mall's metallic lion-head banister holders.

Below is my raw shot of the subject straight from my trusty Canon G-10, followed by my final digital painting.

"The Roar"

As with so many of my previous forays into photography and digital creation, I partially have Photoshop guru Scott Kelby to blame for getting me more interested in this kind of stuff. His books are great.

Still though, in my mind, this piece serves as (if nothing else) a good reference for an original traditional oil painting of this subject - which should be loads of fun and look way more cool!!

That's all for now, except to say, click HERE to purchase a fine art print of "The Roar".

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