Summer Photography Break

As often happens in early July, I took a little break from the fine art projects to do some spots photography. I love tennis anyway, but I had extra incentive to attend this years USTA pro event at the Mt. Lebanon Tennis Center in Pittsburgh’s south hills - an opportunity to learn my new Sony A6000 camera.

I purchased my Sony A6000 earlier this year. I was going to simply upgrade to the newest version of my Canon Rebel (which I think was the XTi) but when I saw that the Canon shoots around 3 frames per second in burst mode while the Sony A6000 shoots a robust 11 frames per second, I quickly decided to go with the Sony.

Playing around in photoshop putting 3 shots together from that sweet burst mode.

For me this camera is all I need. Body is really light, shoots a nice image and if I ever want to, I can get an adapter to use my Canon lenses. Plus theres tons more features I will be learning for years to come.

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