Postcards from Britain - National Gallery Part 1

On a recent, first time holiday to Britain I went to the National Gallery London. Twice. For multiple hours. And it was not long enough!

As you could see we had fantastic weather, which surprised me no end. The National Gallery sprawls across one end of Trafalgar Square. In fact the main collection is housed on one floor, so it kind of has to sprawl I suppose. Sure makes it easy to get around without climbing stairs.

You may want (or need) to go down stairs in the main part of the building for lunch and the water closets. On your way down, do not miss the great view of Trafalgar Square with Big Ben in the background seen out the front window.

Photography tip - When shooting through glass, put your lens right up against the window pane and cup your hand around the lens if need be, to cut way down on unwanted reflections.

By the way, look closely at the base of Nelson’s column highlighted below. Those relief sculptures at the base were created using melted down French cannon balls. The British love to celebrate their historic victories over the French - a theme I will illustrate in future posts.

Lastly for now, here is a sculpture out in front of the National Gallery that was unveiled earlier the same day I shot this image. It is a representation of thumb I suppose. But it reminds some people of something else apparently. Cannot imagine what…

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