Step 2 and so on...

Here is the second installment in my step-by-step portrait painting from life of the model. The drawing has been worked out to an extent, and color notes are being started. I was happy with the positioning and proportions of the subject in relation to the edges of the canvas. I could see this wanting to be a bit smaller though. Air around the subject is a good thing.

Else-wise, here is one of the two pieces I submitted to the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts Festival today. They are reviving the juried art competition, which this is being submitted for. I'm so happy to see that part of the festival return! Even if I don't make the cut, it's nice to see actual traditional new painting as opposed to the same vendors with trinkets and jewelry! The other piece I submitted was my "Packard" painting (see a few posts ago).

Bye for now...

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