Step 4 and so on...

Step 4 consisted of further development of lights and darks, as well as working out colors some more, while getting into a little more detail. Not getting too dark too soon was the challenge during this step. Working from life you can appreciate the various shifts in both color and value in the dark areas.

Last night I set up some giclee' prints in a small display case at the Upper St. Clair library which is 10 minutes from my home. No one ever sells anything there, which is why my display is geared more toward driving some folks to my website. One of the local artist organizations I'm involved with sort of takes ownership of what work goes in there on a month-to-month basis. April is my month.

Other than that, I'm looking for a good Caravaggio book to read. The author of the last book I read "The Lost Painting" mentions some biographies in the back of his book, that he used. I must track them down!

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