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Since this blog is gong on holiday for a few days and by the time it gets back the French Open will be in full swing (pun intended), I wanted to feature a couple tennis sketches from my Sketchbook Project sketchbook.

These were done in one session from photos I shot. I prefer the top one because there’s something nice about finishing only one portion of the sketch, while leaving the rest a mere suggestion. Vive la France!

One of the more interesting art news items I came across in recent days is that The Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky will be showing Caravaggio’s pivotal work, The Fortune Teller starting this May. This is only the second time the work has ever been on view in the U.S.

There are precious few Caravaggio’s that even live in this country so if you’re in the area you should stop on by. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the Capitoline Museums and the Italian Government for this!

As mentioned above, this blog is going on holiday so I will leave you with a poster I designed a while back for an annual event.


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