The Beginnings of a Gettysburg Tribute

Being a native Pennsylvanian who appreciates history, it was only a matter of time before I would be inspired enough to do my own visual tribute to the battle of Gettysburg. So with the year 2013 being the 150th anniversary of the battle, (and me having no idea what the final piece will look like) I decided to just start drawing now.

All I know today is, I want to go in a different direction than oil paint for this project. I’m thinking pencil and/or digital for final.

As you can see, these are just my initial pencil renderings that I will scan into the computer. Then I plan to use my intuous4 wacom tablet and Photoshop to mass in shadows and perhaps add some color to complete the portraits of the soldiers.

Totally just planning on having fun with this project, as well as get more experience using my intuous tablet which I haven’t used nearly enough since I got it. Maybe I’ll do one big montage in Photoshop that incorporates all the drawings I do. Perhaps I can do one tribute for each day of the battle. Maybe I will scan in different textures, and create other design elements along the way. Maybe some text can be used in the design as well. The possibilities are endless!!

The way I see it, after I scan these in, I’ll always have them to go back to if I totally mess up, so it’s a win-win deal. That’s the great thing about digital art isn’t it? Well certainly!! At the very least, I will take these actual pencil renderings to finish and have those as my visual tribute to the battle of Gettysburg should the digital thing not get off the ground by next year.

My job now is to keep on drawing, and decide just what a finished piece (or pieces) might look like. Can we put more hours in a day please?!!


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