March 4, 2020

Black and White

I like black and white images in various media. In photography especially, there is a wide rage of techniques you can use to realize your own unique vision. Below are a few I did from some of my London photos.

I was pleased with the above shot after I retouched some junk out and color corrected it. Then after awhile I realized that if I did this up in black and white it would go from good, to much better. The focal point is now Big Ben  instead of all those reds and pinks.

Black and white photos have a timeless elegance to them. It works better on some images than others. Here are a couple more black and whites that I did.

In Photoshop, one of the best ways to go from color to black and white is to duplicate the image layer, convert to RGB (if not already) and use the Image, Adjustments, Black and White command.

Then play with the color sliders that come up to get the desired look.

Way more control this way than just automatically converting to black and white.